Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hope someone will send a story after watching this:)

To make someone send in I thought I should start a post by sharing a video I found on youtube some days ago. This is a really creepy story that make you think of what-if. What would you in that sort of situation. It's very chilling. Enjoy!

WELCOME! Scary stories wanted!

Hi! And welcome to my blog. I'm sure there are more than me that loves scary/ghost/horror stories. Stories that creep you out. This is a place where I'm gonna post scary stories. Not my own. (I don't have any. I have a pretty boring life that way). But I thought that if you have expercienced something weird, paranormal, ghosts, or just had a scary episode with humans. Contact me and I'll post it here. I mean who doesn't love a good scare? I especially love creepy story with a chilling end. If you have one. Please let me know.
I hope the stories are so scary and will keep me awake at night.

Send the story (stories) to: